There are a number of different situations where consent may be needed from the Board, and any one or more of these may apply to a particular site. Firstly, the proposals may include works within 8 metres of the edge of a Board-maintained watercourse, where development is prohibited by the Boards Byelaws unless prior written consent is obtained from the Board. Alternatively the planned works may involve an increase in the rate or volume of water being discharged to a watercourse, or the piping of, or other alterations to, any drain.

It is important to note that even if a planned development is outside of the Boards’ district; if there will be an increase in flows in the Boards’ area, the requirement to obtain prior written consent for this still applies.

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The Lower Medway Internal Drainage Board under and by virtue of the powers and authority vested in them by section 66 of the Land Drainage Act 1991 have the power to make the following Byelaws which are considered necessary for securing the efficient working of the drainage system in their District.